The Oratory of Santa Caterina Delle Ruote (Bagno a Ripoli)

Just 12,8 km from here...

Situated on the slopes of the hill of Baroncelli, on the farm of Rimezzano, the Oratory of Santa Caterina in Bagno a Ripoli was built sometime before 1354 on a commission from Jacopo and Giovanni, the sons of Alberto degli Alberti and owners of extensive landed property in the Parish of Santa Maria at Antella, together with their grandsons Bernardo and Benedetto.The outer walls of the building are composed of regular blocks of limestone; an oculus window, a canopy roof and a doorway with a lunette, formerly frescoed, decorate the gable-roofed façade. A small bell gable rises up at the rear of the chapel. The interior is divided into two bays with cross vaults and concludes in a small apse framed by a large pointed arch.

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