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The Pratolino Medicean Park is a monumental complex owned by the Metropolitan City of Florence, which, from 2013, also boasts UNESCO recognition along with other Medicean Villas and Gardens.

Much are the attractions that the Park can offer to the visitor: in addition to hosting the Colosso dell’Appennino (Giambologna opera for which the Park is perhaps best known), it houses the works and artifacts of the Buontalentian genius of the original Medicean plant (Chapel, Cupid’s Cave, Scuderie, Villa Paggeria, Gamberaie) has two Italian gardens in the Medici area and at the same time it is surrounded by a romantic landscape garden (the result of nineteenth-century interventions when the property first passed to Lorraine and then to Demidoff), offers hiking trails for trekking or Nordic walking enthusiasts, or simply … to regenerate in nature. Finally, the Park is also the ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts (99 are the different species living in the park) and flora, with valuable tree species such as white spruce, large dunes and other monumental trees.