With the park by the great environmental value just 7,2 km from here..

You can visit Sammezzano’s Castle and stroll in the large park surrounding it not far from the camp-site, in the direction of Leccio (hamlet in the municipality of Reggello). The park is a great natural heritage and you can admire unique botanical species, some of which date back to the nineteenth century, when the castle was redesigned in the Moorish style and surrounded by the entire green area. There are rare specimens of Sequoias there, including a splendid twin sequoia.
This castle is special because it is composed of 365 rooms: each room is decorated in a very special and unique style, representing a day of the year.

During the Second World War, unfortunately, the castle was plundered but was later transformed into a luxury hotel. It was closed in the 1990s due to the financial crisis and is currently not used.